KULTUR SHOCK – No Nostalgia Tour 2023 – Live in Cologne

Sonntag, 23. April 2023 - 20:00
Gibelin UG

“Kultur Shock is what punk rock should sound like.”
— Jello Biafra (former lead singer of Dead Kennedys)

Kultur Shock is a Seattle-based gypsy punk band. Active since 1996, Kultur Shock combines Balkan folk music with punk, metal and art rock. Its members hail from Bosnia, Bulgaria, and the United States.

When singer Gino Srdjan Yevdjevich left the ravaged by war Sarajevo and settled in Seattle in the mid-90s, he brought along two essential things, his immense vocal and songwriting talent and his relentless ambition to create. Little did he know that after starting Kultur Shock in 1996, he would not only become the beating heart of one of the most influential genre-bending bands of the last couple of decades but also the de-facto grandfather of a movement that people casually refer to today as gypsy punk.

To describe Kultur Shock’s style and sound, people usually refer to Gogol Bordello, System of a Down, Dubioza Kolektiv, Manu Chao, The Pogues, or Gang of Four. Unfortunately, none of that does the band justice because Kultur Shock’s sound and approach to music is literally in a league of their own. The band has issued as many as 11 albums and had performed over 1,500 shows throughout the United States and Europe.

The band defines itself as „a live band of blue-collar immigrants“.

Kultur Shock is now 27 years old. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, the band had to postpone its plans to celebrate the quarter of a century milestone on the road with its fans, including Europe and selected US cities. The band believes that only a club tour can deliver a close connection with the audience at such an important anniversary, hence their plan to embark on the road again in the spring of 2023.

Current line up:
Gino Yevdjevich – vocals, trumpet, percussion
Val Kiossovski – guitar, vocals
Chris Stromquist – drums and percussion
Amy Denio – saxophone, clarinet, bouzouki, guitar, vocals
Guy Michael Davis – bass, vocals
Eleni Govetas- violin, saxophone, percussion, vocals